Buggy Shop


Port Washington, Ohio street scene, circa 1870s. Courtesy of Chuck Schneider, a descendant of the carriage shop owner.


Buggy Shop — 4 Comments

  1. Hi! I posted the picture above on the “You know you’re from Dennison/Uhrichsville Facebook Group. Some people, myself included, were asking how the buggy got on the second floor, and why was it up there. Can you help us?


    Pat Vaughan

      • Thanks, Joe! May be good material for a historical scavenger hunt on Facebook. Thanks for letting me access you site. BTW – I read somewhere that a Confederate Soldier who was a POW during the Civil War passed away while being transported on a train, died and was buried at Port Washington. His family was grateful to Port Washington for how that was handled. Know anything about that? In any case, Happy New Year!

        Pat Vaughan
        Cuyahoga Falls, OH

        • You are welcome. I placed all of the pictures and stories on the websites (Goshen, Wainwright, Tuscarawas, Gnadenhutten, and Port Washington) for everyone to enjoy. I grew up in Goshen, moved to Wainwright, and now live in Tuscarawas. I do not know a lot about Port Washington. I have hopes that people will send me additional pictures, community history, family history, and miscellaneous stories that I can post on the collection of websites.

          If you find out anything more about the Confederate Solder, I would like to post it here.


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